A shining star has fallen in Puntland.

February 18, 2013 6:45 am GMT - Written by Mukhtar - Edited by Mukhtar

A shining star has fallen in Puntland:                                                     17February 2013

I want to share my dear readers ,that a big tragedy has happened to all Somalis  particularly the people inhabiting Puntland, it was great shock that engulfed every person living in Garowe on the 15th of February , Friday afternoon , when a brutal assassination happened inside  a mosque called “Beder Mosque” , and it was carried out by a young criminal tug who was probably not older than 18yrd old ,who shot a bullet on the head of our great sheikh ( sheikh Abdulkadir Nuur Farah) , he died on the spot , at that  peculiar time , the sheikh was standing  in front of  Allah  ,praying the 2nd or 3rd rak’a, we ask our lord to award him paradise, we also pray for Allah may give patience and perseverance  for his family and friends and the myriad students that is scattering around the world  Amin .

"Waajibkii gudaye, Rabiyow Janatul fardowsa ka waraabi"

Sheikh Abdikadir Nur Farah


My acquaintance to the Sheikh:

Since the 1980s onwards, I have been hearing the name and the personality of Sheikh Abdulkadir, but our real contact has started in 1985, I met the Sheikh in Mogadishu, he was making an active Da’awah in Mogadishu, he was reading Hadith books in some of the mosques of the city, the mosques that the  Sheikh used to read where overcrowded , you would see hundred of youth attending  his religious lectures , he was an outstanding  orator , a knowledgeable man and  a man of wisdom,  he will be remembered the mosques that he initiated to read religious books and lectures like (ceel Hindi mosque and  weheliye mosque).

In terms of his personality, the Sheikh was soft spoken person, he will say aloud only when he gets angry when some people do something against our faith, he was almost a silent person, a man with few words, but when he meets with someone that he knew a lot, he was frank and open minded person, he used to narrate his youthful days in Eil, he was good for remembering wonderful stories back in 1960 and 1970s.

On the other hand, the Sheikh was a man for all, he was sitting with  a people from all corners of Somalia, he was also a man of regarding the friendship , he was telling stories his classmates , as well as those he has learnt in the prison, he  was jailed in 1975 when there was religious men uprising toward the military  regime of Siyad Bare , in fact he was a man known for his gallantry , he never get afraid for some ramification from the government  when he said a rightful word , he was a man having a self confidence , and many  people will remember him when he feels happiness for his malleable laughter.


Thanks to Allah, who made possible a big character like Sheikh Abdulkadir to live in our midst, he was a great sheikh who wholeheartedly spent all  his live for the spread of Towxiid, he was standby person to answer any calamity that happened in Puntland whether  man-made disaster like wars and conflict among the tribes or whether it was natural disasters like droughts ,snowstorms  and Tsunamis , he will be remembered for his loud voice for advocating   the poor , the  oppressed as well as his selfless effort to make our people to live in peace , he was trouble –shooter for anything that may be obstacle to peace ,  he was pioneer for mediations and all sort of negotiation between the clans ,  he will be remembered for his role of ending many clashes between the clans , as well as he will also  be remembered for his mediation when Government collided with  some elements who was opposing the  administration and war has flared up in Galkaio in 2011.

on top of that , in our town Garowe , the sheikh was an asset in  hand , he played many roles ,as a preacher, as a teacher, as a peace maker , as a humanitarian  worker , as an advocate for good , as a counselor etc , he was the man who had initiated to combat piracy in Eil by preaching the youth , he started a religious campaign to Eil district in Nugal Region,  and its neighbor , they rehabilitated more than  a couple of hundred youth who gave up the piracy actions,  ,many of those youth are now studying the colleges and universities in Puntland, and some are also  making a decent and stable  life in whole of Puntland , and many of those youths felt grieve and sorrow upon the death of their  mentor (sheikh Abdulkadir Nuur Farah).

What we will remember for the Sheikh:

In fact in this small piece of paper can’t be condensed what we will remember for the loss of our great Sheikh, Abdulkadir, first and foremost he will be remembered for his constant preaching particularly after Friday prayer in Al-Huda mosque, he will remembered for his constant advise and counseling to the regular prayers of the mosque, he will also be remembered for his explanation and making points clear when there is an argument of something related to religion , he will also  be remembered for his negotiation between business people and  companies when there is a misunderstanding or mix up and they want to be mediated based on our religion .

However, our great sheikh was a man who was fully aware that one day he will die, one some people advise him to take body guards, he was adamant that idea and he was saying, I will not pass my time, he used to tell the people that they have to do good deeds before they stand up in front of their lord tomorrow, he was also preaching day and night, that the people should work peace and tranquility among the Muslim Ummah wherever they are , he also used to preach the oppression among the  people and he used to denounce the tribal affiliations  and lastly he will be remembered for his advice to protect and not abuse the wealthy of the people  and government  assets that is the hands of our employees.


In conclusion my writing, that the loss of our sheikh in particular in Puntland, and in general whole of Somalia, I made similar like a star that ceased to shine, but still am not feeling despair from the mercy of our lord , and every now and then we are thankful for our lord, who is responsible the fates of his worshippers, but I hope Allah will protect his religion , and many students of the sheikh will continue to  implement his  principle  and his discipline, and we are praying from our lord that he may rest  his soul in peace and  also we hope his lasting home will be paradise (firdowsa al aclaa).


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